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Even though I am often frustrated during the process, I love it when I create a shot that I am pleased with.

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But I guess this is what the instagram photography challenge is all about - I have learnt so much already. It was invaluable! Thank you.

I had such a beautiful day doing her food styling and food photography course. She cooked amazing lunch for me I even took recipe from her.

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I love the fact that she is so effortless with her shots and work — It all comes naturally to her and there is no glamour. I am so grateful and thankful for this opportunity and for all that I could learn. I felt there was just the right amount of people for me to get the most out of it and I learnt so much. Thank you so much.

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It really showed much you care about us attendees and how committed you are to providing a great experience. No hesitation whatsoever! After each insta challenge I was left with some new bit of knowledge to incorporate into my next photo. I always appreciated your positive input on my photograph and also where I could improve. Such a lovely thing to start the week with!

I wasn't expecting anything this quickly so such a great surprise. You are amazing, I really love everything. Stunning, I am so so happy! She is a great teacher, who knows how to transmit her knowledge. She has very good food styling tools to work with: beautiful props and amazing food. After just 1 day studying with Kimberly, I noticed a big improvement in my photography. And hugely effective. I'm so glad you could switch gears, share an appreciation of the aesthetics of styling, and be open to the nitty gritty of helping me know the way around my camera.

About the Course

You were upbeat, stayed on task and had a good solid plan for the day. You have a lovely naturally lit studio with a current mix of props and surface boards. Your strength is facilitating and drawing out new skills from a new student. Your sense of timing for the "teachable moment" is uncanny. And you were like a dog with a bone teaching a tricky technique, teaching an idea first one way then another. Thank you for a lovely day!

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I got a lot out of it and came home feeling inspired. There were lots of things I hadn't considered and its given me a lot to think about. Thank you, the session was super helpful. Food Photography Workshops. Food Photography Tips. Online food styling and food photography e-course. Past Workshops. About Kimberly.

Bachelor of Arts (Photography)

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Videos Watch our photo training films that teach, inspire and entertain. Thanks, that's awesome Concept and Outline: This programme is including 3 academic modules of a Fundamentals, b Lighting, and c Editing in 3 academic levels as follow:. Intermediate Level: For Intermediate information of Manual photography, Composition rules in Photography, as well as Studio and on-location lighting setup with Intermediate photo editing.

Advanced Level: This months programme is designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills that are essential in order to achieve their goals. Suitable for: Who is looking for learning the same academic topics of Photography, intensively. Suitable for: Who is looking for learning the Digital Photography in short duration.

Option 1: An overview of Photography History, eyes physiology, camera and lens engineering, proper holding, accessories, buttons and features in Quick menu.