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Owns and contains full control over most of its servers a few hosting providers rent their host gear from third parties.

No overselling using shared hosting hosting providers the accounts limitations, i. Their tech support team is next to none, plus so they provide loads of tools to produce sure your web site painless. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read full disclaimer. More About G.

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There will be some errors or downtime, but the difference is in how the company handles it. Often time those things are unavoidable. Live chat is great, and some companies like HostGator and Site5 have mastered tech chat support. Phone support is always great. You are likely to get a better response if you know the right questions to ask.

Learning the technical side a little bit will help you converse with them.

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Email can be good. Just look for a response time. You don't want to be waiting more than an hour for a response, unless it's a minor question. Social Networking has been utilized by the larger companies as a PR and customer complaint area. Send them a tweet or post on their Facebook page for, a sometimes immediate, response.

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Learn more about Joomla hosting tech support. How about less than 50 employees? Size only matters if you're looking for a couple of things. There are also other factors that may come into effect for small, medium, and large hosting companies that have nothing to do with size. For instance. The section 3 begs a good question; how much Joomla tech support will you need?

Are you confident that no matter which company you go with, you will be able to handle an issue?

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The less control you have over the problem, the more you will want a good technical support team. This also means being able to get the answer to a Joomla question as soon as it arrises. Make sure you check to see what each company says about their Joomla expertise. Now that you have a better idea of how to search for your Joomla hosting company, here are several top rated lists with different search options used as the judge. David writes for several websites. Specializing in Joomla, he develops websites like this one in order to provide help to those who need it.

He enjoys taking concepts not everyone understands and breaking them down so that it is easy for everyone. On the weekends he can be found having beers with friends, watching soccer and enjoying the outdoors. However, due to dedicated account resources, as well as the inclusion of real-time web traffic monitoring utilities with a platform, it is easier to provision hardware to meet the requirements of a production website. Many programmers and development teams prefer to work on VPS plans over shared web hosting because of the ability to use version control software to publish code to a web server from the desktop.

Dedicated servers are used to create a custom performance environment for large, complex websites with specific requirements for custom programming configurations i. Dedicated servers are often required to support many simultaneous users of a website or mobile application, where the total number will vary according to the hardware specifications and web server software stack efficiency, as well as the processing requirements of the database and application code.

This service also offers free templates for website design and a worry-free security environment where site owners do not need any experience in either systems administration or web development to build a new site. However, domain presence on the Joomla.

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Free web hosting on Joomla. To get the most power out of a Joomla site, however, it is recommended to take advantage of the vast library of free templates and extensions available for the CMS from the open source community, and this will require access to a web hosting plan with more resources for independent web development. The Joomla CMS system requirements are supported by all of the major web hosting companies but it is important to confirm these in advance and to make sure that any software installed on a custom server is consistently maintained with these settings.

It is very important to install updates with the latest Joomla security versions to keep the code patched against MySQL injection attacks and other database exploits used by hackers through automated script bots.

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In general, avoid Joomla version 2. Developers report that this will give definite improvements to the page speed load times on a Joomla site, but it may not be compatible with all of the legacy third-party Joomla extensions. It is best to create a sandbox environment and thoroughly test a Joomla site before going live with the PHP 7. Website owners and developers will still need to manually install templates and extensions to build out new functionality on the server.

Best practice is to use the Joomla CMS administration panel to upgrade the installation rather than the auto-installation tools in order to make sure that manually uploaded templates and extensions are not lost in the version upgrade process when security patches are applied. The script will also prompt the site owner to enter the administration user name and password for the Joomla site.

Thereafter, it is possible to navigate to the domain and begin using Joomla to build a new website. Softaculous will also send email notifications to the administrator with reminders to upgrade whenever a new security version of the codebase is released by the core development team. It is important to make sure that the web hosting company will provide Secure Shell SSH access for command line management of the web server configuration and the use of Git for version control if the Joomla development process will require custom PHP code or programming new extensions.

Custom code should be tested in a sandbox environment locally or on a subdomain on a shared hosting plan and then deployed to a production site running with greater system resource allocation. Performance optimization extensions can be used to keep a Joomla website hosted under the cost advantages and limitations of shared hosting with greater efficiency.

Developer tools like Google Pagespeed can be used to test a live site and see what changes need to be made to optimize performance. QUICK TIP: It is recommended to have a synchronized sandbox installation available to test new code changes before going live with them on existing Joomla websites, as this will help to debug issues in advance. Dedicated servers or VPS plans configured to run NGINX as the web server framework can be beneficial for enterprise corporations, eCommerce stores, and start-up websites with consistently high user traffic or a large online community.

NGINX is frequently recommended by experienced developers and systems administrators as a high-performance web server solution. However, the use of NGINX for production websites may also require an experienced systems administrator in addition to the web developers, theme designers, and PHP programmers working on a team, which adds up to a very high cost that may be out of the range of many small business.